The Veterans Alliance of Santa Clara County (VASCC) was established in 2014 and was officially incorporated as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization by the State of California.  The purpose of the VASCC is to function as a not-for-profit alliance designed to promote the activities and patriotic events for the benefit of the veterans within the County by providing financial assistance.

The VASCC fosters support for Santa Clara County veteran organizations through the exchange of information and ideas for the generation of financial assistance in order to provide services for the common good and welfare of all veterans.  VASCC philanthropic activities include direct financial support, education outreach, marketing and development of a vision for events and ceremonies to honor veterans throughout Santa Clara County. The VASCC was established as a 501c(3) not-for-profit corporation to raise and manage funding for veterans activities and events within Santa Clara County.  It works with the United Veterans Council (UVC) and other veterans organizations in an independent collaborative manner for supporting and producing patriotic family-oriented community events and activities.  The VASCC independent of any other organization will raise and distribute funds for, but not limited to the annual Veteran’s Day Parade, Memorial Day observance and other veterans events within Santa Clara County.